The devices and the system for energy metering in the CcM installations are very versatile and have numerous applications. They are designed to conduct submetering and to know where, how and when consumption occurs by phase and in detail.

They have industrial and domestic use providing solutions for both simple and complex needs.
We will describe some examples of the most obvious solutions.

energy efficiency

It is the logical and immediate use of our devices because a system cannot be improved without knowledge of its consumption. By obtaining the data we may apply policies, which help reduce consumption and promote energy and financial savings.

Household supervision

Our devices are easy to install and configure so that it is possible for the general public to know their consumption and instant output and in this way adjust their contracted output and consumption habits to fit their needs. Our device CcM2-W and any three-phase with an extra WiFi module are highly suitable for this use.

Vacation house

It is most interesting for its use via an application CheckBnB for vacation rental houses, where it enables checking and viewing the consumption of the tenants as well as other functionalities of the app such as how to do check in, cleaning or damage report, etc.


Using mixed configurations (cable and WiFi) enables the user to know details of the consumption in a hotel from main switchboards to individual room consumption in real time, which in turn enables reduction of the hotel consumption by more than 30%.

Camping and ports

It enables checking general consumption of these installations and the clients’ consumption, which allows for individual invoicing to clients for their actual consumption during their stay. Both the property and the clients will know their consumption in real time.


It enables users to check the consumption or demand as well as the production or generation in real time, which generates photovoltaic savings curve. It also enables regulation of inverters to avoid overturning the network. The CcM devices may be configured in TWO-DIRECTIONAL mode to show both the consumption and production at the same time.

Solar pumps

The use of our devices enables the overview of the amount of energy brought by the solar system and the demand of pumps or variators, which is very useful in order to know the depletion between phases of three-phase systems and to avoid that the engines break.

Conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions

The CcM devices, which are very easy to install, enable creation of a client network between different users that is portable and easy to install so that each consumer knows his instant consumption during the celebration of an event or a specific activity


Install one of our devices in the office, business centre room, office building or student dorms and you will be able to assign a consumption limit within the rent of each of these spaces. You and your clients will know the instant consumption every 10 seconds and the consumed energy in the given time period.