Photovoltaic string current monitor CcM-Shunt

We are now broadening our range of individual string monitoring devices to achieve the highest possible measurement accuracy, avoid obstructions to the flow of current, simplify the installation and guarantee a better performance of the installation. Thanks to its groundbreaking new connection concept and the innovative measuring and manufacturing technology, this new device reduces both, space and installation costs (CE/UL Certification).


What is the photovoltaic string current monitor CcM-Shunt?

CcM-Shunt is a measuring device designed to monitor current flowing from the first or second level combiner boxes all the way to the inverter. Its design replaces a multi-phase electric distribution busbar. We recommend that it should be installed during the assembly of the first level combiner box.  

Features of current monitor CcM-Shunt

The device is able to measure string box output voltage without any additional systems and observes the voltage drop by comparing the voltage of the string box with that of the inverter input. In order to maximize space and minimize final installation costs, it is possible (always on request) to adapt the size of the device, modify the PCB and adapt the number of channels. In this manner, we can obtain devices with a number of channels adapted for each project. Possible configurations include 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 channels.


Where is the CcM-Shunt installed?

Monsol 1000/1500V (Shunt) monitoring modules should be installed in watertight enclosures that comply with IP65 standards outdoors and IP55 standards indoors to be protected from corrosion and humidity.


Technical parameters CcM-Shunt

• Adaptable from 10 to 24 channels per device
• Up to 30 A per channel, recommended operation current 20 A
• Precision error <±1% (FS) (14 bits)
• Compatible with 1000V and 1500V strings
• Up to 60 readings per minute
• Voltage reading integrated within the board (up to 1.500 Vdc)
• 2 closed/open type isolated digital inputs
• Temperature reading on the board
• RS-485 port
- Standard Modbus RTU protocol
- 3kV isolation
- Surge protection
- Transient voltage protected
• Selection of Modbus address by microswitch
• Industrial operating temperature range -40ºC to +80º
• LEDs indicating power supply and data flow
• Power supply 24 VDC ± 10 % with 3kV isolation
-Surge protection
-Transient voltage protected
-Polarity reversal protection
• PCB thickness of 2 mm suited for industrial handling
• Innovative manufacturing technology for high current
• Current busbar of up to 240 A without an external conductor (copper plate)
• Electroless nickel immersion gold finish for maximum conductivity
• Tropicalized (upper request)
• 2 years warranty