The CcM products are current meters and commercial “Smart meters” with functionalities of network analysers, which are placed in the thermal-magnetic switches in the electrical switchboards to measure multiple parameters with an emphasis on energy, power, voltage and harmonics.
They are easy to install, do not require any modifications of the existing electrical switchboard, they are self-powered and combine with each other so that they enable sub-metering of an entire electrical switchboard using their interconnection through a cable or individually via a WiFi connection.

This unique system with a worldwide patent measures multiple points in a simple, convenient and affordable way to obtain all the required electrical data, energy consumption and/or production for each thermal-magnetic switch/ residual-current circuit breaker and phase, thus allowing implementation of saving measures and an increased energy efficiency.
The CcM counters provide answers to What, When and Where generates energy consumption within a house or a building providing instant real time data.

Principal CcM devices

Our network analysers or smart metering provide metering of all the electric parameters of the installation from basic values (current and voltage) to more complex values (harmonics distortion, energies, etc). Their metering has an energy precision of 1% and it takes 4.000 measurements per second displaying the average per second. They are self-powered; they power the secondary devices (slaves) via a secondary bus (4-wire) and answer with the requested data. The CcM principal devices are able to communicate with the secondary CcM devices as well as with any other Modbus device from a different product range than the CcM devices such as photovoltaic inverters, PLCs, etc.

Single-phase principal device
Smart metering CcM2-W with conection
Single-phase principal device with built-in WiFi
domestic energy control CcM4
Three-phase + Neutral principal device

Secondary CcM devices

Secondary devices only measure current with a precision error below 1% on the full scale; they need to be powered and to receive requests from an external source, so they depend on a principal CcM.

Medidor de consumo eléctrico ccM1
Secondary device dependent on a principal device
Monitoreo de consumo eléctrico CcM3-C
Three-phase current meter without neutral
Secondary device dependent on a principal device
Photovoltaic DC current meter for submetering ccm3 solar 30 A
Photovoltaic DC Current Meter for submetering

CcM Extras

These devices are embedded in the Principal devices and they provide WiFi connectivity and other extra functionalities to the Principal CcM devices, thus increasing the possibilities and versatility of solutions provided to our clients. Their objective is to cover practically all the energy-related needs of a business both in terms of analysis (passively) and in terms of regulation (actively).

CcM wifi to submetering
Provides principal devices with WiFi connectivity
Provides principal devices with WiFi connectivity
Provides principal devices with WiFi connectivity

Master devices

This optional module is a PLC, which acts as a general master and facilitates local data acquisition from different CcM buses, various electrical switchboards or large installations with multiple CcM devices. It works in a Linux environment and it embeds the CcManager software, which enables a simple local configuration of many devices, acquiring data, storing them and communicating with a remote server. It requires an external power supply or extra space; it communicates using WiFi, Ethernet of RS-485.

CcM Master Lite
Easily configure and read complex installations
CcM Master Lite +
Easily configure and read complex installations
CcM Master Lite NBIoT
Easily configure and read complex installations
CcM Master
Easily configure and read complex installations