Our CcMs get Nuestros CcMs the discharge 0 certificate with the Huawei.
Energy CcM

In Energy CcM work to offer to our customers the best service, innovating and adapting to changes that produce both in the legislative route and in everyday life.

The current regulation (RD 900/2015) penalises the individual who injects energy into the grid through photovoltaic panels, so the regulation devices for zero discharge must be capable of regulating, together with the inverters of the installation, so that no energy is injected into the grid for more than two seconds. Our Smart energy meter CcM4 has obtained UNE217001-IN certification to control zero injection together with the inverter, preventing energy from being injected into the grid for more than two seconds, complying with regulations. 

The Smart energy metering CcM4 has carried out the spill 0 certification of the Huawei inverter of the SUN2000 family (the SUN2000 36KTL inverter for certification, but this certification includes all family members from the SUN2000 8KTL, up to 63 Amps, the SUN2000 60KTL).

Certificado 20238 HUAWEI