11 Feb

Registration of Energy Labelling Products begins in the European Database (Eprel)

Energy CcM

Article 4 of EU Regulation 2017/1369, by which the European Commission establishes the registration of household appliances in a European Product Database for Energy Labelling (EPREL), entered into force on 1 January. Energy CcM explains the details of this energy labelling procedure.

What is the European Energy Labelling Products Database (EPREL)?

Article 4 of EU Regulation 2017/1369 specifies that from 1 January 2019 suppliers (manufacturers, importers or authorised representatives) must register household appliances requiring an energy label in the European Energy Labelling Products Database (EPREL) before selling them on the European market for the purpose of:

- To provide the public with information on products placed on the market, their energy efficiency labels and product information sheets.
- Allow alternative ways for distributors to receive product information sheets.
- Facilitate compliance monitoring and provide up-to-date market data for the regulatory process on the review of specific product labels and information sheets.
- Provide the Commission with updated information on the energy efficiency of products for energy efficiency label reviews.

What energy labelling products do I have to register in EPREL? Until what date?

 It concerns all products placed on the EU market for the first time, including imported second-hand products. However, products placed on the EU market for the second or more times should not be included.
- For products placed on the EU market between 1 August 2017 and 1 January 2019, registration is possible until 1 July 2019.
- For products placed on the EU market before 1 August 2017, registration is voluntary.


What obligations does the European Energy Labelling Products Database (EPREL) impose?

- When a product is changed in the label and information sheet, it will be considered a new model. The supplier will indicate in the database when it will stop introducing the units of the old model on the market.
- The European Energy Labelling Products Database (EPREL) is not applicable to the combined heater equipment referred to in Commission Delegated Regulations (EU) No 811/2013 (1), (EU) No 812/2013 (2) and (EU) 2015/1187 (3), where the supply of the labels of such combined equipment is the sole responsibility of the distributor.
- For a period of 15 years, the supplier shall retain the information concerning the last unit of a model after it has been placed on the market.
- Suppliers should provide the necessary information on product conformity by electronic means in the database of EPREL products. 
- Relevant information for consumers and distributors should be included in the public-oriented part of the database, for which direct and simple access is provided in the public part with tools such as a dynamic QR code appearing on the printed label itself.
- The compliance part of the product database should be subject to strict data protection rules. The required specific parts of the technical documentation of the compliance part should be made available to both the market surveillance authorities and the Commission. 


What information do I have to fill in in the European Product Database for Energy Labelling?

Suppliers should enter only the following specific mandatory parts of the technical documentation into the database: 
(a) a general description of the model, enabling it to be easily and unambiguously identified;
(b) the references of the harmonised standards applied or other measurement standards used; 
(c) any specific precautions to be taken during assembly, installation, maintenance or testing of the model; 
(d) the measured technical parameters of the model;
(e) the calculations made with the measured parameters;
(f) the test conditions if they are not sufficiently described in point (b). 
Suppliers may also voluntarily enter additional parts of the technical documentation into the database.


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