16 Apr

Monitoring of electricity consumption with smart metering CcM

Energy CcM

Do you know how much your electricity consumption? At what time of day do you have the highest consumption? The smart energy metering CcM solved these questions, created with the aim that the user knows with total precisión the electrical consumption of his installation. Continue reading this article to discover how the smart energy metering CcM can help you?


CcM like a home energy control of electricity consumption?

If you could know at all times your energy consumption and set a limit on electricity consumption when you are away from home or your company, consult in real time and anywhere from your mobile phone the electricity consumption of your installation or monitoring the electricity energy , Would you electricity bill be the same? Could you make decisions about energy saving in your company or home?

Features of the grid analysis CcM

The smart grid CcM has as goal to be the tool for the user to have knownledge of your electricity consumption and propose actions for energy saving in your installation.

  • They are programmable to measure periods of time, maximum and mínimum consumptions, switching on and off of proccesses.

  • They can act with relay, contactors and resetters, they have control outputs and pulse inputs witch allow them to measure gas and wáter consumption.

  • Easy to install

  • High precision (shunt technology)

  • Easy programming by the user, generate alarms and warnings.

  • Best tool for submetering with a retrofit design for electrical switchboards.


What are the functions of smart energy control CcM?

Functionalities of Smart Energy Metering CcM

  • Measure energy

  • Send data.

  • Store data.

  • Measure the network quality

  • Measure harmonics distortion

  • Command actuators

  • Detect digital signals

  • Compare consumption levels

  • Check hours of normal functioning

  • Measure temperatures

  • Count pulses (gas and water)

  • Detect imbalance in three-phase networks.

  • Detect malfunctions in home appliances

  • Read and interact with other ModBus devices

  • Detect reactive power

  • Announce voltage losses

  • Programme or set in remote when the device turns on and off.

  • Deploy consumption patterns and forecasts.

  • Show a breakdown of electric behaviours of home appliances.

  • Monitor demand spikes.

  • Identify the maximum required power.

  • Collect indirect data on social and work-related behaviours.

  • Invoice for consumed energy.

  • Regulate relays and contactors.

  • Programme behaviours and actions.

  • Generate alerts of losses and/or excesses in consumption.

What user type can have a home energy control CcM?

The CcM smart grid is made for use by any individual, industry or business that uses electrical energy. The CcM is designed to adapt to future smart building as well as any industry, business or specific client that uses electric energy may be our client, especially all buildings, in particular public buildings, offices with leased space or spaces and congress halls holding fairs and expositions, campsites, hotels, ports, airports, railway and metro stations, public and private (community) lightning systems, holiday rental homes, productive processes in factories, photovoltaic installations, programmed irrigation systems, franchise or store chains, shopping centres, catering companies, agricultural cooperatives, refrigeration industry and the rest of the cooling chain in the food sector, supermarkets, etc.


How to read the smart metering CcM data?

The information provided by smart energy metering CcM are easy to read, we can access the data in real time from the app installed in our mobile phone, also through the Energy CcM website or installing the CcM Manager software.


The Energy CcM App for Android and iOS enables all the devices with a WiFi or internet connection to:


  • Read the real-time data in local mode (within the smartphone´s WiFi range) without creating a user (every 1 second).

  • Store the data in the internal memory (3 months) in case the connection with the server is lost.

  • Find configured CcM devices (within the local WiFi network), and those which have not been configured (AP Mode), within the smartphone´s WiFi range.

  • Create users to view historical data (every 10 seconds).

  • Set parameters/ configuration of the historical data (10s, 1 min., 15 min., 30 min., 1 h., 1 day)

  • Display graphs and historical data of the power, energy, and P.F. selecting specific dates, a date range or months.

  • Configure the WiFi connection mode (Cloud, FTP or Gateway).

  • Link the CcM device to the user router.

  • Hand the CcM device over to another user or nominate a supervisor (share the data with another user).

  • Geographically locate every CcM device.

  • Add photos and notes regarding the installation.

  • Configure an automatic/manual connection mode between the Smartphone and the WiFi of the CcM device.


  • View the complete WEB catalogue of CcM devices.

  • A link from the App to the user’s WEB Module (Login)

  • Remote firmware update

  • Create or organize the devices into groups (distribution boards, buildings, etc.)

  • Configuration and reading of temperature probes or Pt100 inputs.

  • Configuration and reading of water and gas counters (Pulse inputs)

  • Configuration and reading of digital inputs and outputs.

  • Configuration and reading of high-current transformers up to 10,000 A.

  • Configure the counter device in unidirectional or bi-directional metering mode.

  • Change the current flow direction (Consumed or generated power).

  • Turn the contactors, relays, and reclosers on and off remotely.

  • Alert in case the Internet connection is lost.

  • Alert in case there are power phase shifts in all three phases.

  • Alert in case of overvoltage and low voltage in the grid.

  • Alert in case of complete voltage loss and recovery.

  • Consumption timer metering instantaneous power (maximum and minimum) and total consumed power.


The smart metering CcM are certified and approved

Smart energy control meter CcM are classified by L.C.O.E. as category B2 meters measure active energy, apparent reactive energy, harmonics, power factor, etc., complying with the 2012/27/EU directive on energy efficiency.  They are able to communicate with all Modbus inverters in the Huawei market (UNE Certificate) Abb, Fronius, Solare Edge, Goodwe, Kostol, Ingeteam, Vistron, etc or other Modbus equipment such as vehicle chargers. Our family of CcM devices has been awarded a seal of excellence by the EU.