03 Jan

How to know the electricity consumption with the Smart meter CcM?

Energy CcM

How can I know my electricity consumption without a bill?

Knowing your electricity consumption allows you to make decisions about energy efficiency in your installation. With the Smart energy meter CcM you can know through your pc, Tablet or mobile, electrical parameters such as voltage, intensity, power and active and reactive energy at any time. The Energy CcM meters allow you to install a submetering system in apartments, ports, camping sites, hotels, shopping malls, etc, and to provide total transparency of individual energy consumption.


Advantages of knowing the energy consumption on my own

Our Smart electricity meter CcM offers us a series of advantages to optimize the electrical installation as:
•    Energy saving: knowing the electricity consumption you can reduce the cost of the electricity bill, identifying, thanks to the in-home Smart meter CcM, those hours where you are consuming more electricity, detect the appliances that consume more to unplug or remove the standby mode.
•    Detect problems: An electricity consumption meter such as our Smart meter CcMs allows us to detect an increase in consumption in real time, identifying if any electrical device consumes too much, we have left it on or any other possible anomaly.
•    Submetering: Monitoring the electricity consumption of our building with the Smart electricity meter CcM, we can implement energy saving policies, knowing the individual energy consumption of the owners of each apartment. With this system, the European Commission sees a potential savings of between 15 and 30% of energy, costs and CO 2 emissions. 


Does energy monitoring allow me to achieve energy savings?

Monitoring the electrical energy of an electrical installation allows you to implement a series of strategies to achieve the greatest energy savings. With the Smart energy meter of Energy CcM we can monitor energy consumption through the installation of these devices in the magneto thermal switches of the electrical panel and the visualization of data through the app of Energy CcM or the energy management platform CcManager. The advantages that we obtain with the monitoring of the electrical consumption are the following ones:
•    Electrical control of excess power and reactive energy to avoid high costs in light consumption.
•    Graphics analysis that helps us see the different variations in consumption over time and make decisions.
•    Controlling the installations by means of alerts that warn of different energy incidents.
•    Measured in real time, to measure the electrical consumption in real time consulting it from any place


Our CcM electrical control meters have been awarded a seal of excellence by the EU